STaMPS water mask?


I am using STaMPS since a few weeks now, and have set up a test case to get some experience with the processing flow and functionalities within STaMPS. I have chosen an Island in the Netherlands (Marken Island), to see whether it is possible to estimate some deformation time series on the dike surrounding the island. I have got some nice results, but still have a couple of questions regarding the processing.

  1. There are a lot of PS selected on the water. Why are these pixels selected as PS? And is it possible to include a mask to exclude these pixels from the processing? I also see some PS close to the dike which are on the edge of the water boundary and the dike. What is the accuracy of the georeferencing process of STaMPS?
  2. If I look at a LOS displacement of a PS, how do I know the point to which this deformation is related? Is there a reference point to which the deformation is related and how do I know where this point is?

Hopefully you will be able to answer (some of) my questions :slight_smile:

Kind regards,