StampsExport Op with snappy

Dear @marpet, maybe you can help me using the StampsExportOp with snappy.

Here is a test dataset, which was successfully exported using the SNAP GUI.

What I tried in snappy:

stack_path = '/home/thho/SBAS/snap_prepro/subset/stack/20150113_20141126.dim'
ifg_path = '/home/thho/SBAS/snap_prepro/subset/ifg/20150113_20141126_ifg.dim'

stack = ProductIO.readProduct(stack_path)
ifg = ProductIO.readProduct(ifg_path)

stack_ifg = []
parameters = HashMap()
parameters.put('targetFolder', '/home/thho/SBAS/export/20150113_20141126/')
parameters.put('psiFormat', True)
stamps_exp = GPF.createProduct('StampsExport', parameters, stack_ifg)

I can run this code without an error, but it just creates target folder ‘20150113_20141126,’ which is nice, but the folder is empty. It generates an output in python too:


But I think it should export the data to the target folder and creating the folders described in the Op…when it is successful, the target folder (top left) and the sub folders look like this (result with SNAP GUI):

Do I use this special Op in a right way? Or is it impossible to use this Op with snappy? I tried also

ProductIO.writeProduct(output of GPF.createProduct(), ...)

But this just gave me the data in a format I choose, not in the exported structure given in the Op

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I used gpt and it worked like a charm, my change from snappy to gpt is a bit late but it is so much faster!