Standard Deviation in Export Pixel Value

Hi guys. Excuse me for a simple question.
In the module “Raster->Export->Extract pixel values”, if I choose the “mean” of the “Pixel value aggregation method”, the “std” term in the export file represents the standard deviation. But how did “std” calculate? Divided by (N - 1) or N?
PS: N is the square of the window size.
Thank you.

That’s from the source code:

Math.sqrt(sumSigma / (numGoodPixels - 1))

So it is N-1.

Thank you very much, Marco!

Hi, Marco. There is an another question. How and where can I study the source code or algorithms of functions or processing principles in SNAP? Thanks.

It is all on GitHub. It is split in multiple repositories:
Maybe these wiki page are also of interest for you:

I do appreciate your help. Thanks, Marco.