StatisticsOp: region Ids in output file


I am using gpt’s StatisticsOp to calculate the statistics for different ROIs which I have defined in a shapefile (each one as a polygon). The output file I get as a result for this operator is like the following:

My problem is that “# Region” is not descriptive enough for my needs (how to know which of the original ROIs corresponds to each #Region?), so I would like to be able to select the value used as rownames, as each polygon in my shapefile has an “ID” field which would be perfect for this task.

Does anyone know any workaround to get the desired output?

Thank you,

Jose Luis

Hi Jose Luis,

the following rules are applied when the region name is determined:

  1. If the shapefile contains a field “name”, use it as region name
  2. Otherwise, if the shapefile contains a field “NAME”, use it as region name
  3. As a last resort, use the ID field of the shapefile.

Probably your shapefile contains one of the first two fields, so ID is not considered. Maybe you can remove this field from the shapefile?


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Thanks for the reply, I am now using “name” instead of “ID” as field and it works perfectly!