Staying informed about upcoming changes to SNAP URLs

We are working with a project partner who requires 2 weeks advance notice for adding URLs to their IT whitelist. This means that if a URL changes (e.g. SNAP auto DEM download), their EO processing workflows will be down for at least 2 weeks. My questions are:

  1. Where can I find a list of the external links that SNAP uses?
  2. Is it possible to be informed in advance (e.g. 2+ months ahead) of any upcoming URL changes? If so, where is this information? (e.g. website/newsletter/notification).
  3. There are two FTP URLs: and - I suspect it will be harder to whitelist these - are these still used in SNAP? I don’t see much information about these URLs in the forum, except from very old posts.

For example, we had used the auxdata file from a very recent SNAP installation (1 or 2 weeks ago) to produce a whitelist, but this file didn’t include, which is apparently accessed by some of the workflows.

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The auxdata file you mention is already the most complete list. There is no other.
We are often not notified when URLs change too. We have to react when URLs suddenly don’t work anymore.
But if somethings is changed it is most likely that it is mentionen in the forum here. But we have not strict process for this.

Thanks! It would be great if there is a way to receive this information in the future.
Can you also comment on the 3rd question?

I’m usually not working with SAR data and the orbit files. So, my information is only from the code base.
The delft data is used when you process data from ENVISAT or ERS.
The jrc location seems to be only used for testing. It shouldn’t be used in your production.

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