Step-by-step guidance of Anaconda Snappy configuration is needed by STEP commnuity

It is very frustrating about configuing Snappy-python interface under Anaconda. I kept failure on two laptop computers.But accidentally was sucessful on a desktop computer,I created an Anaconda envionment for Python 3.6 and Snappy, I can write and run python script which is able to import snappy in Jupyter notebook). the steps were almost the same (maybe there were subtle differences,yet I couln’t recall). I searched this forum but no systematic \detailed guidance.Maybe is time for the development team to promote an easier and more robust snappy-conf utility for us all. The improvements will be greately appreciated.


Just the other day I’ve created two environments with Anaconda one for 3.5 and one for 3.6.
Both configurations went smooth and snappy worked afterwards.

As this is an open-source community, it might be possible for you to share your steps which lead to a correct configuration.

The use of snappy is not encouraged due to the severe loss of performance it can cause in some processing situations. Have you looked into the SNAP Python-wrapper snapista and whether it would suit your needs?


I have tried copying the environment subfolders under Anaconda’s ‘envs’ folder from the desktop computer to the laptop computer and replace thesame subfolders,then the Jupyter lab notebook can recognize the environment configuration for snappy corectly! Maybe this is a simple workround to import snappy package in Jupyter notebook scripting IDE. Anyway , it is sulution.Thanks to you all for the guidance.