Steps to use SNAP and StaMPS IN Linux MInt

Hi ! I want to use StaMPS for P.S.I. so can i perform SNAP and StaMPS work on Linux Mint? Please provides me necessary steps and additional software for further processing since i am new at Linux

Hi @hardeep1, since Mint is a in the end Debian based, the existing workflows which are mostly tested in Ubuntu should do. A good start is this post and package:

I used to conduct practical sessions for ocean remote sensing workshops using linux software. Participants found that spending a couple afternoons learning basic linux command-line concepts was time well spent, both during practical sessions (with projects due at the end of 2 weeks) and after when installing and configuring software like SNAP, python, and R.

Scientific software GUI’s are very useful when they work, but resolving problems often requires use of the terminal command line and the bash, dash, or zsh shell. If you are comfortable with the command line you will be able to recognize and avoid some of the really bad “solutions” to linux problems (like chmod -R 777 to cure “permissioin denied”) that are all to common in certain online forums or google searches that can cause irreparable damage to a linux system.

A good place to start is Linux Command. Since Mint is based on Debian, you can also use 99% of the material in the Debian reference manuals available (debian-faq, developers-reference, and debian-handbook) packages in Mint. If English is not your native language you may find translations for both Linux Command and the Debian manuals in a language where you are more comfortable.

There are many good tutorials for SNAP and StaMPS. If you tell us more about the sensors you want to use and the goals of your project, forum members can suggest the most appropriate tutorials. You should, however, start with introductory SNAP Tutorials.

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Thank you for your response. I will try to work with all information given in shared article.

Thanks for your response. I am working on short term and long term surface deformation using Sentinel-1A and 1B data sets. For my work, I used SNAP in windows which is comfortable for me but for long term subsidence work, I need to work on P.S.I. with StaMPS. So, I start checking step forum for more information and i get to know that StaMPS is not smoothly working on windows as it work on Unix or Linux. So, at that point, i am able to install and works on SNAP with latest version in Linux but i don’t know how to proceeds with further processing for StaMPS.

@hardeep1, for PSI and StaMPS it is a good choice to use Unix OS and I hope you will find it helpful in other ways too. I wrote a workflow which goal was to also help people how are new to Unix, it is not super up to date and the snap2stamps package is imo the best working and maintained package to do the processing.
However to get into the StaMPS workflow and learn some handling of Debian based distros, the workflow I wrote is a good starting point. Since it is somewhat outdated, I would like to refer to the mor recent documentation here, which partly used my first draft. I think that might also be very interesting for you:

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I think the steps are the same as mint themes. The workflow I built is a nice place to start with StaMPS and handling Debian based distros. I’d want to refer to the more recent documentation, which uses my first draught. This may also be of interest to you:

  1. Open the command line tool via Ctrl + Alt + T.
  2. Type the command “sudo apt-get update” and give enter.
  3. Type the command “sudo apt-get install snapd” and give enter.