Stick two scenes together -S1

Hey guys,
I tried to use mosaic for this, but it did not work (The resolution of the result is really bad).
I have two scenes (S1-GRD) which I preprocessed (Read -> Thermal Noise Removal -> Apply Orbit file -> Subset -> Calibration -> Speckle-Filtering (Lee 5x5) -> Terrain-Correction (Range-Doppler)).

I now want to combine them, they are following on each other, were taken one after another.

Would be nice if I got some help, or even the statement that this si not possible would be helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Would you please to check up the steps are mentioned in here in Section E,

Generating a Mosaic of Two Sentinel-1 Products in Adjacent Paths

SNAP suggests a predefined resolution here


as it is in degree, you have to be careful about the numbers you enter. Because 0.05 degree is around 5.5 km (at the equator).

You can calculate the length of a degree with respect to the latitude here.

So I could use the “normal” mosaic function with lower pixel sizes and get a good result? Should try this then because I have different sets of images and already did preprocessing, which is not working with the mosaic wizard :smiley:

which one did you use in the first place?

If you do the preprocessing yourself, the Mosaic Wizard is not needed.

I used the “standard” mosaic in the first place but got the resolution problems. I will use it now with adjusted resolution values and see if it is working the way I am expecting it to do :slight_smile: Thank you guys!

Preprocessing doesn’t affect the implementation of the SAR mosaic wizard, the only thing, aftermath applying mosaic it’s not possible to apply any process to the results, all processes should be done before the SAR mosaic.

I can not use my results that I described in the starting post as an input for the mosaic wizard.

It is working now thank you :slight_smile:

Since they are successive slices, why not use ‘S-1 Slice Assembly’ (before Terrain Correction, maybe before subset) instead of mosaic?

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Thank you, I did not find this possibility by now. But I will check ASAP, maybe this will work faster in comparison to the other method :slight_smile: + i do not have to change/set the Cellsize by myself :slight_smile: