Straight Line appear in sentinel 3 SST data

I download sentinel 3 data and I did reproject and subset after this the image some area showing straight line or shadow. anyone can tell what cause that and reason.
If avoidable how to do in SNAP

Image attached we can see line in right side

Dear suthagar,

this is hard to tell from the information you have given.

Please check if the line also appears in the input data, have a look at the flagging of the input. Due to the high observation angles, border pixels tend to be less accurate than in the center of the swath.

In addition, the SLSTR instrument has two observation views and depending on the view and the angles, a number of different SST retrieval algorithms are applied which can differ in their results. Please check the l2p_flags.XXXretrieval flags to see this effect.

Hope this gives some valuable hints. Cheers,

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Thank you @TomBlock. I will look at my data and come back to you.