Straighten image after geometric correction image after geometric correction

Hello all;

i am trying to create a flood map by using splitting image by pixels. however after i apply geometric correction image became crooked since it has been put to true geometric state but the problem is there are a dark textures on the image that has nothing to do with image beacuse of this crookedness and it also affetcs the subsets i created by tile writer. is there a way to straighten up the image after geometric correction.

here is the full image:

and here is the one of the tiles:

oops sorry forget to post one of the tile image

The problem area you defined is treated as “no data” so I don’t see the problem for pixel thresholding.

Is it an option to create the water mask before terrain correction? This allows you to work with the original values instead of resampled ones.

This shouldn’t be an issue as @ABraun says , it will just remain as ‘no data’

hi team

I’m doing pre-process for GRD products, up to speckle filtering I’m getting proper outputs, but while doing the geometric correction I’m not getting the images, the output coming like a blank image

please help me.

advance thanks.

could it be that your elevation information is invalid?
Please check

  • if you have updated SNAP to the most current version (Menu > Help > Search For Updates)
  • if your study area lies outside the SRTM coverage
  • if your firewall somehow prevents SNAP from downloading the DEMs

thank you sir for your response…