Strange low NDVI values with sen2cor 2.10.01

Good morning, since the end of January, when I calculate the NDVI from Sentinel 2 images, I get a value which is systematically about 0.1 points lower than the NDVI calculated from Landsat images and also than that calculated with the specific SNAP function.
I get this lower value both if I calculate the NDVI directly from Level 2 images and if I start from Level 1 images and apply sen2cor vers 2.10.01 to them.
Does the same happen to others of you? Can it be related to the new version of sen2cor?
Matteo De Sancts


Nobody is having the same problem?

Hello, i think this problem is related to the 1k offset added since 25th January to all S2 data.
I guess this offset is not added to Sen2Core, there should be a specific option to enable.
Check this Sentinel-2 MSI Level-1c Band 10 values


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Thank you Alessandro, it could be the reason of NDVI strange values…

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It is the reason! Thank you again Alessandro!

Dear user,

As indicated in point 4) of Sen2Cor FAQ, a radiometric offset has been introduced since PB04.00 that needs to be taken into account when converting L2A image Digital Numbers into L2A Surface reflectance.