Stripmap SLC on datahub?


I am an instructor at the University of Victoria, Canada, and I am trying desperately to come up with a teaching lab dealing with interferometry, but I have come up against several obstacles…

I am trying to work through the Sentinel-1 Toolbox Interferometry Tutorial (March 2015). It states that the two images
used in the tutorial (Napa Valley from August 7 and August 31) can be obtained from the Sentinel Data Hub:

However, I cannot find these images, or any other SLC Stripmap images on the Data Hub, and have been told that only IW are available.

I have also tried to work through the TOPS Interferometry Tutorial using data before and after the Nepal earthquake earlier this year. Unfortunately, I keep getting an error message during the TOPS Coregistration step. (covered in my other post from earlier today).
I have also tried the TOPS tutorial using data from before and after the Chile quake a couple of months ago, but get the same error, leading me to assume this is a software issue and not something wrong with the data.

Does anybody know how to fix the TOPS error, or alternatively, tell me where I can acquire the Napa Valley Stripmap SLC images so I can try to work through that tutorial?

I need to have something in place by next Monday so I really am running short on time.

Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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In SciHub, to get Stripmap products select sensor mode SM and product type SLC.

productType:"SLC"  AND  sensorOperationalMode:"SM"

There are not that many ~200 mostly over volcano supersites.
I wasn’t able to find the Napa Valley earthquake data. It only seems to have from Oct 2014 on.
I’ll add some links to the data I have but, it will take a lot of time to upload. I’ll post the links here tomorrow.

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I have the other IW data working now, so no worries about uploaded the extra SM data for me. I may have a look at some of the volcano sites for next semester, but for now I am all set.
Thanks so much for your help!

Thank you, I will check that out!

      Dear Sir, 

I’d like to do some InSAR processing using SNAP, download the data for
the Larisa middle of Greece from sentinel 1 data hub should be
S1A_S1_SLC… but unfortunately, I did not find the suitable mentioned
data to do my processing, so would you please to provide me with
data type SLC for the study area. It is worth mentioning that I
selected sensor mode SM and product type SLC. but nothing I got.

With my best wishes,


?Hi Falah

I think you sent me this email by mistake. I was asking the same question about some SLC data a few months ago, however I do not have any to provide.

I would suggest contacting Luis Veci (you should be able to find his contact info on the STEP forum). He helped me out.

Kind Regards

Terri Evans MSc
Senior Laboratory Instructor
University of Victoria
Department of Geography
David Turpin Building A241


Thank you for your response and advice, I did email the person you suggested to me and hope to get response soon,

My best wishes,


Hi tevans,

Can yo please tell me from exactly where you got the Nappa Velley IW data (I’m trying to do the tutorial too!

Many thanks,

I’ve put the Napa Valley Stripmap SLC data here


A query. How can I access the Stripmap data of the 5 x 5 mts solution ?, I understand that they are available only by special request. What should I do to access them? I would appreciate any comments.

Dear sir and ESA Forum team. I’m also very interested in SM Sentinel 1 data as well. All I can find in the datahub is IW data. We are trying to perform trials with this kind of data in woody classification.
I really apreciate whatever information about how to get access to SM data in S1.
Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards.

The short answer is that SM is not acquired except over some small volcanic islands and emergency acquisitions. IW is the standard mode over land so you should develop your methods with that in mind.

Thank you very much for your immediate answer and the information. It’s good for me to know that I wasn’t doing something wrong in the search criteria.
Best regards.