Strong pixel shifts in image (different sensing orbits)

I have to images of the same imagery. The pixels shift alot if i compare the pictures. The pictures are atmospheric corected Level 2 A.
One image has a black border in the lower right corner.
The pictures have different sensing orbits (22 and 65).
Also the color differs alot on one image it seems like there is ‘fog’ over the image.
Is there anyway to bring those pictures on a comparable level?
Are the shifts because of the corner or of the sensing orbit?
Do anyone knows a got way to do coregistration?

How have you identified the shift? Can you attach images which show the shift?

Regarding the differing colours, the histogram is stretched to each scene individually. So the colours are different. You would need to adapt the colour stretching for each scene. Unfortunately, doing this is still a bit tedious in SNAP.

Hello Niels,
I presume your reference to “…different sensing orbits (22 and 65)” means different Relative Orbits. If this is the case, the pixel shift you see might be related to the Relative Orbits being in different UTM zones, and thus appearing slightly displace to each other in SNAP.

Do you have Acquisition Date, Orbit and Tile information you can supply, please?



S2 MPC Operations Manager


dont really know how to present that on pictures.

Acquasition date: 29.09.2017 and 16.10.2017 (or do you mean the date I downloaded the file)

Sensing_Orbit: 65 and 22 (General_Info)

Tile :
booth images: Tile_33UVU

tileId S2B_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_SGS__20171016T134926_A003194_T33VXC_N02.05 ascii


(in the Tile List (Image_Data_Info) are alot of tiles listed which have all an different value in the next-to-last section…

If more information is needed tell me. My state of knowledge about remote sensing is developing I am happy over every Information you can give to me.

I looked for those products on scihub and couldn’t find them. There are no products for the dates 29.09.2017 and 16.10.2017 and the tile IDs 33UVU, 33VXC or 33UVB. Do you have them from a different source?
Or can you tell the full file names of the products?

Booth from the copernicus open hub. Found them on 13.02.2017(see below)

I worked with the one below for 29.09.2017 the other one is new for me.

The first picture from 29.09.2017 has the tile id T33UUU it is not interesting for me.

Ahh, I looked for S2A. I haven’t noticed that you were using S2B.