SUBSET function not work correctly on AQUA MODIS L2 scene

SNAP 2.0.2 (… but also SEADAS 7.3)
have the problem with the SUBSET function
if the L2 Aqua MODIS image is not reprojected, before.

Tests performed on PC:
LINUX Centos 6.7 with Java 8 and Python 2.7.11
Windows XP Service Pack 3, with Java 8 and Python 2.7.11

Original scene:

Area subset:

Nord: 45
West: 5
Sud: 40
Est: 10

(Note the error position of the 50th Parallel N and of the 3th Meridian W):

I just did the same.
My subset looks good:

Can you have a look at the Information view for the original product and compare it the information shown in my screenshot. Are there differences?

ok! I got your results too… but, this time,
I realized where SNAP (… and Seadas) produces the error !

I noticed that you did the subset of all bands.
Instead, I had selected the chl_ocx band (see figure) and then I performed the subset.
It is this choice that inexplicably leads to the wrong result !!!


I was able to reproduce it and also fix. There is now an issue in our issue tracker.
Till an update is released can you also include longitude and latitude bands in the subset please? This should fix the problem in your case.


I’m glad that the problem was real and it was not my imagination,
as, perhaps, they must have thought on the forum of NASA Oceancolor Site …