Subset not working


The option “subset” its not working in this new version.

Can you please be more specific on which products you applied the subset operator and what kind of error did you receive.
Trying using subset on S1 GRD data works fine.

Hey Michael,

I´m trying with S2A Level 1C products but nothing happen. I´m using SNAP 2.0 in Windows 7 OS.

You are referring to the subset in SNAP GUI, right?
Do you use the product in native resolution? Which means the bands have different size.
If so you should have seen the following message when invoking Subset from the menu:

Maybe you ticked the marker and you haven’t been informed about the limitation any more.


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Indeed, it was that what happen. I import the native format, so that´s why subset don´t work?


Yes, if the bands have different sizes the subset and some other
functionalities don’t work.
We still work on this. Currently I can’t say when this will be possible.
Latest with the 3.0 version in January/February.

I just tested with the resampled at 10m and it works. Thank you for your support.