Subset of Sen2Cor corrected image does not display properly when saved as GeoTIFF

When I create a subset of a Sen2Cor atmospherically corrected image and save it as GeoTIFF the result is not displayed properly in SNAP:

The GeoTIFF displays correctly in QGIS. Also, when the output is saved as BEAM-DIMAP or if another image is subsetted (e.g. output of BiophysicalOp) then the output GeoTIFF is displayed correctly in SNAP.

Tested using Sen2Cor 2.4.0 and SNAP 6.0-PREVIEW5. The graph I used first resamples the input to 100 m and then subsets spatially as well as band-wise (only the reflectance bands are selected).


May be an issue with your memory capacity? Did you try the same in SNAP v.5. As far as I know, v.6 is still being improved.


Memory shouldn’t be an issue because I was running on a machine with 32 GB of RAM. I haven’t checked with SNAP 5 but I also need some functionality that is only available in SNAP 6.