Subset preprocessing Sentinel-1 SLC

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I have a very simple question!
In Sentinel-1 SLC format for preprocessing is an important step get subset?
1- read
2 - subset
3 - Apply Orbit file
4 - TOPS split

1 - read
2 - TOPS split
3 - apply orbit file
4 - radiometric calibration
5 - write product to complex number


Can I use A? or should I use B steps?

Before you can apply the “classic” subset operator on SLC data, you first have to apply Split and Deburst, so I clearly recommend version B.

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Thanks for your answering.:bouquet: :bouquet:
In fact, I have 13 images of SLC format that will take me a long time if I want to pre-process them!
Is a faster way I can process them?

you can create a graph with the Graph Builder which includes TOPS Split, Orbit file, complex Calibration and Subset and apply it to all input scenes using the Batch Processing tool.

An example for GRD products is given here, but the principles are the same:


Thanks a lot for your answer.

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