SubsetOp. Value for "Source Bands" is invalid

I have a problem with the Subset tab when I want to analyze it with many images.
I created the first product with subset. It had no error.

When I change to the second imput, the ‘source band’ in tab “Subset” does not auto change to the new bands of the new imput, but also remain the old data of the first one. See below:

then the notification for error appears : [noteId.subset] Operator ‘SubsetOp’: Value for “Source Bands” is invalid: ‘coh_IW1_VV_01Jan2019_3Jan2018’

I use SNAP 9.0.0
I do not understand why the source bands do not reset when I change to the new imported data.
Please let me know where is wrong?
Thank you!

This seems to be a bug similar to one resolved for SNAP 9 ( [SNAP-1501]).

I’ve created a new issue for your report:
[SNAP-1548] Subset GUI specific for Graph Builder does not correctly update when changing source product - JIRA (

Till this is fixed I think the only workaround is to start fresh with the graph and the other product.

Thank you for your answer. I hope that it will be fixed soon.

Hello, I want to notice that the error, which I wrote above with “subset” still remains in SNAP 9.0.0.
Few days ago, It seemed to be fixed when the graphs with “subset” tab have well done. But today, the error comes back.
Please help to fix it
Thank you!