Subsetted area after S-1 TOPS split for interferometry

My problem and my question is related to subsetted area. After splitting a Sentinel-1 SLC IW with S-1 TOPS split tool, I managed to cut out my study area with using spatial subset from view, because I would like to process for interferometry only this study area.

  • After that I’m trying to apply for automatic corregistration (like in Nest) and I’ve got such error message: CreateStack: “S1 TOPS SLC products should use TOPS Coregistration”
  • After trying in Radar/Coregistration/S1 TOPS Coregistration I’ve got such error message: “TOPSAR-Split: Source product should be multi sub-swath SLC burst product”
    What causing the problem?
    In this program there is no option for processing two pair of subsetted images ( after S-1 TOPS split tool) for interferometry? I have to process all unsubsetted image?

Thank you for help in advance!

For TOPS SLC data the operators need to work with the bursts. You can’t
just create a subset. The bursts have overlap and demarkization areas.

Recently the ability for TOPS Split to also select the bursts and show
them graphically has been added. This will be released hopefully next week.

Until then, use the TOPS Coregistration to work subswath by subswath.

Thank You for the reply and help. As I understand, I have to do the TOPS coregistration for the full untouched image and don’t have sense to do the TOPS split?
Or exist another option, solution to not process all image with TOPS coregistration?

After I have processed the TOPS coregistration for the original images. Then I cut out my study area and managed to create interferogram for this subsetted area, however in the next step (TOPS Deburst) I’ve got such error message: TOPSAR-Deburst: The specified region, if not null, must intersect with the images’s bounds. I don’ have any idea why appeared such error message.

I’m using the newest version of SNAP.

Hi adam. My suggestion to you. You should do the spatial subset from view after you had produced an interferogram. Follow the instruction at graph builder --> radar --> sentinel topsar interferogram formation.


Is it possible to do subsetting of deburst interferometry phase of a TOPS SAR SLC split product? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

For coregistering and interferogram you need to work burst by burst. The TOPS Split operator in version 3 now allows you to select the swath, polarization and bursts. Use this instead of subset.

Thanks for your quick reply. I apreciate. I will do this accordingly.


Hi Iveci:
I successfully did unwrapping all bursts of a single swath. Now I am facing problem in Spnaphu importing step. When I used phase file that I used for “Snaphu Export” in “Spnaphu import” step, I get following error massage.

I also tried to select phase band to BandSelect utility - I did not work as well. It showed following error.

Here is my files after unwrapping in Ubuntu:

Hi Lveci, i’m finding issues in selecting bursts using TOPSAR-Split. it looks like there is no possibility to select the burst graphically or manually. Could you please help me on this?