Dear all

My topic is to calculate the deformation(substance and uplift) that occurred in the oil field from (2014-2022)

So I took data for December and July

And January every year

(Sentinel 1 slc iw )

For example, the data for the month of December for the year 2018 is

1- S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20181219T145036_20181219T145129_025096_02C520_2AD5

2- S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20181231T145036_20181231T145129_025271_02CB72_6FE1

then I made the following steps in the Snap software

After that I have got

1- In snap

2- In Google Earth

The selected area is the study area

Questions I want to know the answers to

1-What does this scale represent?and
What are the units of this scale?(

2-How can I calculate the subsidence in the study area for all years

3-How can I show the final results for each year like this, knowing that I am using windows 11

4-Is the method I used correct?

5-Is the data I took for each year sufficient or do I have to take data for each month of the year

6- Is Windows enough or should I analyze the data with Ubuntu?

I really need your help ASAP
I need your advice🙏

Best regards

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