Subtracting phase of the earth flat and the topography phase


When the interferogram is formed, when it is important to subtract the topography phase?
Is it recommended to subtract always the earth flat phase?

thank you

Flat earth phase removal is always recommended, when your image covers a large area and the curvature of the earth plays a role.

For topographic phase removal, please check here: What is different of DInSAR and InSAR

Thank you Andreas for solving doubts.


Dear ABraun,
While running StaMPS code in Matlab, I’m using default values. In stamps(6,6) command GETPARM: subtr_tropo=‘n’ is presented. Is it OK or else we have to change to subtr_tropo=‘y’?

If we will keep default values, what is the effect for the final result?

Please have a look here about its impact on the processing: StaMPS/ · master · Matthias Schlögl / gis-blog · GitLab

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