Suffix/Prefix for Batch Processing

Is there a possibility to include a suffix or prefix to the output filename using the Batch Processing tool. I know that it works using the command line, but it is not included in the tool.

My current problem is that all output files have the same name as the input files.

This can get problematic if you try to save the output files in the same folder as the input files.

This will likely be possible later this year.

If there is something needed right away - could it be crowd funded?

Sure, the crowd can always participate. That’s one of the reasons why
this project is open source.
We will be happy when we receive patches or pull requests which fix bugs
or add new features.

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If alot of people pay a small donation some things could have priority in getting added. But it seems there is too many different interests on here.

In the end, ESA decides which features are needed and the priority given to them. We need the community’s feedback to let us know what new features or improvements are needed in the software.

marpet mentioned the possibilibity to contribute to the SNAP project by providing source code to the development team. Another possibility will be to provide your own binary extensions.

Shortly after the public SNAP 2 release the development team will make available a developer guide and API reference that will allow for the development of 3rd-party extensions to SNAP as well as the S-1, S-2, and S-3 toolboxes. These extensions will not need to be agreed with ESA or the SNAP development team.

We will make available such extensions to the interested community by deploying them to a remote 3rd party extension repository from which users can select, download and install them.

– Norman

Hi everyone. I just came up to this topic as I was looking for this option in Batch processing. Is there any advance on that request or a crowd found was opened? I’ll be glad to contribute.