Suggestion for data export to ENVI format from SNAP

When I export a sentinel-2 MCI image file to ENVI format and overlay it wirh the original l1c image, I have found a mismatch between them. Then I compared and verified the ENVI header files of the MCI data, there are differences in the abbreviations of the datum,projection strings.

The yellow shaded texts are the orininal exported by SNAP, the green shaded texts are the suggested strings.
I suggest SNAP with improve this export functionality.

Not sure how bad it is that the names are different, but the different values for the central meridian seem to cause the mismatch. What exactly are the values below? And to which size did you resample the S2 Data before the export?

I just refered to another native ENVI header file which is green-tagged as above, sorry for the different central meridian values. The key point is that change the YELLOW-tagged texts to the GREEN-tagged texts ,save the header file,then it will be displayed in ENVI correctly. I suppose SNAP might have referenced the old version of ENVI header file format ( the native ENVI header file example above is generated with ENVI 5.5)