Suggestion of improvement SNAP

two small improvement that I propose to you
1 in import mashs from files why not have the possibility to select several files or even import a complete file
2 in subset creation a file that would record the geographic coordinates and that we could again use to do a new cut

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Thanks for sharing your ideas to improve SNAP.

You mean something like a history to cut out the same area again several times? That’s nice.
We have already this issue
Subset operator shall support regions defined by a shapefile
This would make it already easier to subset several products. In addition, the history would make it even more convenient.

However, do you know that you can use the Graph Builder or gpt to do this on a stack of products?

This I do not fully understand. Because it is possible to open multiple products at once. They only must reside in one directory in order to be selectable. And you can drag-and-drop files from the system file browser onto the Product Explorer to open products.

I don’t understand what you mean by “even import a complete file”. Could you explain it a bit more

about point two I can not use the stack treatment of product because I work only one photo at a time, my point is that I always cut the same area but on the different images (I do a regular follow-up in the time of the same area)
for point one, after opening mask manager when selecting import mask from files you can only select one file so if you want to import several files you have to do it one by one, that’s why I have point out that if we had the possibility to have a multiple selection or the import of a complete file with all files inside
hoping to have been clearer about my remarks

Ah, you had a typo in your first post. It says ‘mashs’ not ‘masks’. That’s why I didn’t understand this.
For masks you are right. it would be good to import several at once. I agree.