Supervised Wishart Classification - Quad-pol RADARSAT2

I have generated C3 matrix from RADARSAT-2 Quad-pol data. After applying Refined Lee filter I wanted to perform Supervised Wishart Classification. I did Supervised Classification Training and got text file (.txt) with cluster centre value in each element of T3 matrix for all classes. Then, I moved to Supervised Wishar Classification window. As Source Product I chose C3 filtered data. As Training Data Set I chose that text file generated in Supervised Classification Training step.

I got the following SNAP error:
“A problem occurred during the target product initialisation
Type: OperatorException
Message: Supervised-Wishart_classification: C:/Users/…/TC.txt” (the path to text file generated in Supervised Classification Training step.

I saved also whole details report if it’s needed to solve the problem.

Hi hlos,

I have started now with Supervised Wishart Classification for Sentinel 1 dual pol products (SLC) and I have the same problem with the Training data set txt… Did you find a solution at the end??

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I have also been trying to apply the supervised Wishart classification on quad-pol RADARSAT-2 data and I get the same issue.

It seems that a number of users have been reporting this issue and this seems like a bug in the software. One could use PolSARpro although it is not a very user friendly tool and I would like to have this functionality performed with SNAP. Therefore I would like to know from the developers if this issue is being dealt with?

I’m not running into this problem. Could you please provide complete instructions on how to reproduce the problem? What version, OS, data, procedure, etc?

  1. On a QP RS2 SLC product, I calibrate to Sigma0 with complex output.
  2. Create a Freeman Durden or Pauli decomposition to view the scene better.
  3. Create new geometry containers for each class
  4. Draw polygons around training areas and assign them to the geometry containers.
  5. Run Supervised Wishart Training using the Sigma0 product and the vectors from the decomposition product
  6. Run Supervised Wishart Classification using the training file produced in step 5.
  7. Update the colour indexes as appropriate in the colour maninpulation toolview
  8. Terrain correct

That’s strange. I did exactly the same (but with ALOS2 data) but still get the error in step 6.

ok I get the error now too.

Hi Iveci

I have updated to the latest version of SNAP (5.0), S1TBX (5.0.1) and RSTB (7.3.1). However I am still getting this error when running the Supervised Wishart Classification:

“A problem occurred during the target product initialisation
Type: OperatorException
Message: Supervised-Wishart_classification: C:/Users/…/training_cluster_centers.txt.”

Does it work on your side or are you also still getting this error?

Hi aridane,

I have seen you posted this problem in several topics.

Have you been able to solve the problem? I would really appreciate it if you could help me.



can you explain your steps?
I just tried it and the module seems to work fine. I just calibrated and then ran the Polarimetric Classification Wizard.

Hi ABraun,

I’m trying to classify a Sentinel-1 IW Level-1 SLC Product.

My steps where as follow:

  1. Calibration
  2. Deburts
  3. Subset area of interest
  4. Polarimetric Matrix generation/ Coherency Matrix using C2
  5. New Vector data container
  6. Supervised Classification Training

So far, everything is good. when I ran the next step which is the Supervised Wishart Classification I get an error trying to use the Training Data Set:

Do you get this error? Do you know how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I did the same steps, except for the subset and the vector data. But i didn’t receive any error. I think this tool doesn’t allow for the integration of training data. Supervised in this context just means that a scatterinc type is assigned according to the Wishart chart.

can you show us the detailed steps that you did?
thanks a lot.

my stetps were the same as described by weholguin

i don’t understand those sentences ,would you like to explain it more detailed?

then I suggest you first have a look at the general tutorials, especially the polarimetry one:

There are also very good tutorials on youtube by the EO College:

This one deals with the creation of training vector data:

Thanks a lot

I also meet this problem. So anyone solved the problem???

@laudawn: Did you follow the suggested steps?

hello, did you solve the problem?

I’m trying,now