Support Gaofen-3 fully polarimetric SAR data

Hi, I like SNAP because it is user-friendly and has all the functions I need. But it seems that SNAP doesn’t support Gaofen-3 fully polarimetric SAR data products. Could any one tell me how to import Gaofen-3 data product into SNAP or use an alternative software to process(e.g. co-registration) Gaofen-3 SAR data?

Is PolSARpro an alternative?

But the PolSAR pro can’t perform co-registration. :unamused: I am stuck at the co-registration stage.

Is this data available to the general public? Any sample products anywhere?

I understand. Then you might want to check GITASAR: SAR image processing for beginners

which supports Import and Coregistration of GaoFen-3 products


You may download gaofen-3 data from this websit

Ok that is test data. But how about data over an area an interest of choice? Is it possible to order archived data or acquisitions?

You may order data from this website:
,which is a chinese website

or are there any general fully polarimetric SAR co-registration codes? plz

SNAP/S1TBX co-registration is “general” but we do not have a reader for GF-3 yet. It can certainly be developed if users request it.

I notice that the data format of Gaofen-3 and RADARSAT-2 are both tiff images, is it a good idea to change the format of product description file of Gaofen-3 to the RADARSAT-2’ s, so that the SNAP can read the Gaofen-3 data using RADATSAT-2 data reading routine?

I don’t think that works without causing problems, because the sensors were developed by different agencies and companies.

+1 on the GAOFEN-3 product reader