Supported formats for writeProduct


Can anyone direct me to the list of supported formats of writeProduct (Documentation here)?
Or to the least maybe a command/resource endpoint in the API that gives me this?
The documentation is lacking and there also seems to ba kink where each format’s saving behaves differently. E.g. when I attempt to write a GeoTiff format it expects the file to exist first.


As the supported formats can be extended by plugins there is not static list of formats.
But you can create it your own. Get the list of writers from the manager and then iterate over them and print the format.

ProductIOPlugInManager manager ProductIOPlugInManager.getInstance();
Iterator<ProductWriterPlugIn> plugins = manager getAllWriterPlugIns
while(iterator.hasNext()) {
    ProductWriterPlugIn plugIn =;
    String[] formatNames = plugIn.getFormatNames();
    System.out.println(plugIn.getClass().getSimpleName() + ": " + String.join(",", formatNames));

Or simpler

ProductIOPlugInManager manager ProductIOPlugInManager.getInstance();
String[] formatNames = manager.getAllProductReaderFormatStrings();
System.out.println("Formats: " + String.join(",", allProductWriterFormatStrings)

There is also an issue to extend gpt to allow to print such a list.

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Thanks. That feature would be great.
I think it would also help to have a list of the base formats SNAP supports officially (i.e. non-plugin formats). Just so we have an idea which formats will be supported by SNAP for future versions and so on. It just helps us developers decide which framework to pick up in general.

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Some formats are listed here:
But your right, a better list would be great.

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I’m not sure what I was supposed to see there but it redirected me to a blank page.
Maybe the page isn’t link friendly?

Actually you should see this:

For me the link works. You can use also this link and then navigate to Data Sources in the General section.

Ehm, wait. These are the readers … :grinning:

A fear for the writers there is no overview. Only those listed under Export