Supported formats

Good afternoon,

I know that my request will be quiet different but let’s try!
Working in an European project, I am in charge of the developpement of a new software for vizualization of data and image processing . For this application I need to deal with very high resolution images (Giga pixel images).I need to load an overview, find a region of interest, apply some treatments on this ROI.
The SNAP interface looks like what I need to do. So my questions are :

  • Is it possible to use this soft with RAW or BMP images even they not come from satellites?
  • I do not have GPS information (just metric), would it be possible to load, display my image, zoom in zoom out… with a huge RAW file?
    Any Help and tips is welcomed,
    thank you so much

Hi paoC,

BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG formats are supported. Just select File/Import/Generic Formats/ RGB Image. Also (Geo)Tiff format is supported.
The RAW format is not supported. Actually there are multiple RAW formats. But I guess it would not be very difficult to write a reader for the one you need. Developer Guides are not yet public but they are in the pipeline.
Regarding the performance, it should be possible to work giga-pixel images. We have already worked with GeoTiff files which had a size 120000x60000. The performance depends also on the data file format.

If your images are not geo-referenced you can do it with SNAP if you need it.


Hi Marco,

Thank you for your quick reply. That’s good news, I will try the soft with my images, have a look into the code and wait for the developer Guides.
Have a good day!


First version of the developer guide can be accessed.
Specifically the How to create a new product reader might be of interest for you.
But note that some pages are still a draft.