Supporting NCML as input file on NetCDF module

I was using BEAM to do some processing on NetCDFs and I have just moved to its evolution: SNAP.
I would like to have NCML supported as input for the NetCDF module.

I got the code from github and created a fork. It seems adding that support should be relatively easy.

I come from BEAM forum so it’s my first time here on STEP-SNAP.
What is the suggested procedure to report a bug - improvement and contribute with that? I have already taken a look to the WIKI and the SNAP community/developers page.

I see the issues list on github snap-engine page is almost empty: there is only a closed one.
Should I report my feedback here on the forum and then “duplicate it” on the issues page?
Should I simply create an issue instead?

In the meantime, I have created a pull request with the suggested improvement (pull #52).
(It seems I can’t refer the url since it looks like a multilink reference, not allowed by newbie user :slight_smile: )

Please, let me know what would be the best way to deal with that.


Hi Daniel,
good to see you here. :slight_smile:

Regarding issue reporting, please see this page.

You need to earn some credits before can do more “advanced” stuff in the forum.
So I post the link here: Pull Request #52

We will investigate the pull request and either accept it or get back to you with suggestions, improvements or other comments we might have.

So… Welcome here in the SNAP development world.

Hi Marco,
That was indeed the page I have checked before writing my questions :slight_smile:
I have started through the Forum being the first one on that list and also to ask for best practices before starting opening issues without somehow introducing myself.

Thanks for the “welcome”.