Surface subsidence monitoring

Hi all

I calculed the subsidence for San Antonio City in Ecuador after the earthquake of April, 2016. I followed the steps of the methodology
Surface subsidence monitoring with NEST of the ESA, the result is this:

The values are in mm.

someone has applied this methodology??? How are your results?

I have an question: wchich are the parameters to determine reference point value?

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Hi gabrielaquintana77,

From which methodology did you produce this surface subsidence ? Can you share the PDF ?

I could repeat the test if I have this method.

What do you mean by “determine reference point ?”


Hi Sadri

I’m wrong, the methodology is of Dr. Ing. Diana Walter Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Mine Surveying, TU Clausthal

I send you the document!!!

Please, if you can to apply this methodology, do you can comment me yours results???.


Will do it asap, certainly by the end of the week.

I keep you posted with the results :slight_smile:


Can you please send me the methodology document ?
I am also woking on subsidence monitoring and I am looking for trustworthy materials.
Thank you!

did you do it using NEST or SNAP

did you use NEST or SNAP software because I use NEST and I come across many problems like coherence estimation does not work in nest and Phase filter does not work in SNAP

Hi @ghazalphds

The methodology is in NEST, but I runned the datas with SNAP

How did you implement the phase filter. I tried to do it with the graph builder but I could not use the phase filter

and beside that how did you the coregistration in SNAP. I means the parameters in the coregistration because I think they are not the same like in NEST

Don’t use the graph builder for such tasks. It is important that you check the intermediate products before you proceeed.
You find the Goldstein Phase filtering in the interferometry menu.

Coregistration parameters are the same in SNAP.

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Hi @ghazalphds

The comments of @ABraun are right, please take notes of this.

Thanks Dear Andreas!!!

hi Gabriel,I’m beginner in SAR processing and I want to create subsidence map, can u send the methodology document. It will be really helpful. Thanks

Hi @dkumar90.ind

Now I am out of my office, please do you can wait till the monday?


hi Gabriel, plz send the methodology document for subsidence monitoring…Thanks

Which kind does your results belong to? SBAS-InSAR results? PS results? or D-InSAR results?
And do you aim to monitor the subsidence caused by the earthquake?

Hi @sentinelgyb

This results was for the D-InSAR method, I only did a test in the zone, but I don’ know if the result is correct!!!

Good morning! Can you please send me the methodology document?

did you see my answer here: Interferometry in an undermined region