Synergy V10 support

Dear all,
I’m from the PDGS team and we have starded the validation of synergy v10 product types. Unfortunately snap does not support those product type. I think that is a simple thing as they are exactly the same as VG1, but with a different time coverege (10 days instead of one).

A sample product name is the following:

Is this known? when can we expect a patch? they should be released to the users by the end of september and to validation team within days.

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As we haven’t been notified by the S3VT or S3MPC yet, we haven’t investigated this. And as far as I know we don’t have sample products. At the moment is holiday season and it would be difficult to look into it now. Probably at the end of August we can investigate this further. If the format is really similar to the one day, it should be possible to fix it till end of September.


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