TanDEM-X Coherence Geometric correction/registration using SNAP

Dear friends,

Maybe this is a newbie question but I wonder after generating the TanDEM-X coherence how can I do the geometric correction/registration because my data is upside down and flipped. Thanks for the advice

it is upside down because it was aqcuired in ascending orbit. It will be rotated after you apply Range Doppler Terrain Correction (if you need the water areas, disable “mask areas without elevation”).

@ABraun It works, Thank you ! have a great day.

@ABraun Quick question, is there any steps I should do before the Coherence Estimation because this one I directly generated in SNAP. Thanks

TanDEM-X data is already coregistered, so you can directly compute coherence. Maybe you can clip the data to the area of interest to reduce computing times.

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@ABraun :grinning: :+1: Thank you for the advice but I already computed for the whole data.