Temporal Images Sequence Dowload

Dear community,

I’m trying to download a temporal sequence of high resolution raster images from Sentinel using the SNAP Toolbox, is there any step by step online guide I can follow?
Not a GIS expert/student/professional and I’m groping in the dark a bit.

What I’m trying to do at the moment is:

  1. Login to Scientific Data Hub in the Product Library
  2. Select an Area and insert all the parameters / products
  3. Wait for SNAP to serch for all the products
  4. click download that always results in “Downloading 0% (failed)”

Am I doing something wrong or missing some steps?


You are doing everything correct.
If this still fails, you can use SciHub directly. Actually, there is not much benefit in using the product library except that you don’t need to switch the application and you can stay in SNAP.

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