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I’m pretty confused about the terms of use for the raster images and data taken from Landsat via toolbox or other services.
Is there any restriction for the use within broadcast, tv, cinema, media projects?


Regarding the data used and the images created SNAP does not add additional restrictions.
The restriction may only come from the data distributor.

For data from the Copernicus program the following applies:
Microsoft Word - Attachment Legal Notice Ltr - clean.docx (copernicus.eu)

For Landsat, I have no idea. Similar, I guess. USGS probably provides a note about the usage too.
You might find some useful here: Policies and Notices | U.S. Geological Survey (usgs.gov)

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Thank you so much @marpet

so in our case Landsat is just the Satellite and Copernicus program is the distributor?


Copernicus is the distributor of ESA Sentinel data.
Landsat is distributed by USGS.

Thank you so much @marpet,

Of course, just a lapsus about Landsat.

So if we use Sentinel Toolboxes, Copernicus is stille the distributor of the data, right?

Thank you so much, very illuminating

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See https://www.usgs.gov/centers/eros/data-citation

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Actually Marco, ESA is both the distributor or Copernicus Sentinel data, and responsible for the Copernicus Space Component :wink:

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thank you very much, this is extremely clear and comprehensive