Terrain-Correction: [NodeId: Terrain-Correction] Operator 'RangeDopplerGeocodingOp': Unknown element 'saveLayoverShadowMask'

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to know if some of you have encounter this problem when applying terrain correction to SAR imagery. I used to run my graphs (built with snap 7), and now after the update to snap 8, I am having the error mentioned in the title.
Have some of you experienced this problem? I would like to know if there is a workaround of if I should build my graph under the snap version 7, and then run it with the same version?
Is it possible that after the upgrade there is a conflict between the versions?
I also checked the Terrain Correction tool help by typing gpt Terrain-Correction -h and I checked the parameters. They look the same in both versions, therefore I don’t understand why the problem with unknown parameters like saveLayOverShadowMask as the title indicates.

Thanks in advance

Can you simply delete this line in your XML? Looks like it is trying to access a parameter which is not present.

Thanks, I will try this solution to see if it works for me. I’ll post my comments either for positive or negative results.

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Hi @ABraun, the solution worked for me, I commented the line in the Graph.xml and now it works.

Thank you very much!

Happy to hear that.