TerraSAR-X ScanSAR (SC) Processing

Hello. I am going to generate Sigma and Gamma Naught from TerraSAR-X ScanSAR (SC) data.
I heard that SNAP does not support TSX ScanSAR data processing. Is it still true?

I just tried TerraSAR-X ScanSAR MGD products and it worked fine:

Thank you so much for your answer! I also wonder it will work for ScanSAR SSC products ? I am going to purchase TerraSAR-X product for my research after deciding best product level. If SSC can be used for Sigma Naught calculation, that will be my choice… If not, MGD is OK. Thank you for your help!

you can download Sample SSC ScanSAR data here and test before you order:

Sorry, the only ScanSAR dara is a GEC product.

I am guessing, but the TerraSAR-X ScanSAR SSC (Slant-range Single-look Complex) product is quite complicated due to the ScanSAR beams and bursts, so I don’t expect SNAP to support that format.

Thank you for your help and the good information on TSX sample data!

Thank you!