The AI InSAR Virtual Assistant is now available

The AI PyGMTSAR (Python InSAR) Assistant, powered by ChatGPT-4, can guide you in your InSAR education and work across multiple languages: ChatGPT - AI PyGMTSAR Assistant Here are some examples of requests you can make to it:

  1. How to start with InSAR?
  2. Where can I find interactive InSAR example?
  3. Please provide interferogram creation code.
  4. Show me online InSAR examples on Google Colab.
  5. Explain to me content https:// /drive/1673p-BhRwsh8g3VBYhqBYLrL5Lso81mj?usp=sharing
  6. Show me open tickets.
  7. Find the recent ticket about Docker images and display last message.
  8. Create my AOI as GeoJSON text for a line between the points (-24.42, 14.8) and (-24.54, 14.88).
  9. Could you explain the global plotting parameters used in https:// /drive/1dpDWbp3BO-xVWnTcJN4NXTdfZ47oxrM4?usp=sharing
  10. What specific lines of code need to be modified to compute the interferogram without multilooking in https:// /drive/1dpDWbp3BO-xVWnTcJN4NXTdfZ47oxrM4?usp=sharing
  11. Show me Python code for one of the examples.

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