The atmospheric correction for Sentinel-3 OLCI?

The Sen-3 data are available in scihub, yet it seems that the sen3cor(or other names…) supporting atmospheric correction is not released. In the present, I use the SeaDAS to process olci by a git bundle in testing, so I want to know when the SNAP can support the processing?

Atmospheric Correction processors for OLCI are in development but not yet ready for release.
It might need some few month more. Till they get released.

I see. Thanks Marco, look forward to the release.


do you know when ESA release implements to perform Atmospheric corrections for Sentinel 3 for every instruments (OLCI, SLSTR etc.) ?

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I am sorry for that. I do not know when the sen3cor toolbox would be release. Macro said: “Atmospheric Correction processors for OLCI are in development but not yet ready for release, might need some few month more.” Maybe, in the next 1-2 months, the toolbox will be released.


This question needs to be considered separately for the instruments OLCI, SLSTR, and also for the so called synergy branch (SYN), and further differentiated by land and water.

ESA is releasing products, and some of the so-called Level 2 product require to perform an atmospheric correction. The list of products, and the associated algorithms, are available from the ESA Sentinel Handbook / ATBD ( ). For OLCI for example I can say that there is a L2 water leaving reflectance product, and associated ATBD. The land surface reflectance is contained in the SYN product, and the ATBD is available. There is no OLCI land surface reflectance product.

Finally, there is the question of the release dates of the L2 products (OLCI land, OLCI marine, SLSTR, SYN).
You should direct this question to ESA ( ).

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to the release of L2 products.


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The iCOR version for Sentinel-3 is now freely available to perform atmospheric correction for land and for coastal, transitional and inland waters. iCOR for Sentinel-3 OLCI is a modified implementation of the ICOR approach as already implemented in SNAP for the correction of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8.

Hi, I am looking for Sen3Cor. Is there any news when it will available? I am using iCOR from Vito remote sensing. However, the output stack raster is complicated to use for my case. Like the output file has max float for invalid pixel, which I am not able to remove and fix for my net radiation calculation. For my calculation I need 16 TOC reflectance bands and 16 at sensor radiance band from Sentinel-3. Is there any solution for atmospheric correction for OLCI data?

No, there is no AC available beside iCor at the moment (yes, an AC is in development by Brockmann Consult but not ready for realease).
However, I think you can postprocess the output of iCOR with SNAP so it will fit your needs, can’t you?.

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Thanks Marpet! But I have no idea how to post-process the iCOR outputs by SNAP. If you have any idea please tell me.

I wrote a sample graph which could be used on the command line with gpt.
It will not work as it is but shows the general procedure.
In the header of the file you can find an example, how it can be called.
You would need to specify the paths to the two products.

More on graph processing can be found here:

Hasn’t the plug-in been developed yet

Hello, is there any method for atmospheric correction

No, the mentioned AC for OLCI has not been finalised.
Currently iCor is a good option for OLCI AC. You can also use the official L2 data.
If you are interested in AC over water, you can have a look at the C2RCC processor.