The execution of Sen2Cor 2.5.5 from SNAP is not yet supported

the last version of the Sen2Cor plugin (6.0.1) is not yet compatible with the latest released version of Sen2Cor (v2.5.5). We are working on it, but at the moment, the only way for using Sen2Cor 2.5.5 is via the command line. As soon as we have fixed this problem we will release a module update solving it.

This incompatibility affects only to the execution of Sen2Cor via SNAP, not to opening of the L2A outputs by SNAP. The L2A products generated by every version of Sen2Cor (including 2.5.5) are supported by the last released version of SNAP.

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I could not open with SNAP 6.0 the L2A products generated by sen2cor 2.5.5. May this problem be related to the “Sentinel-2 Level-2A product evolution on 26 March 2018” announced in the “Copernicus Open Access Hub News” on 20-march-2018? In fact SNAP 6.0 is previous to that format evolution.

Have you updated SNAP? The new format should be supported since version 6.0.1.

Where is this version available?

You should have seen notification in SNAP that new updates are available.
You can force the check for updates by selecting from the menu Help / Check for Updates.
You can go to Tools / Plugins, too. Within the upcoming dialog can update the installed modules or install new ones.

SNAP is now opening the L2A products generated with sen2cor 2.5.5.
Thanks a lot!

A new module update of sen2cor plugin have just been released (6.0.2). This version supports both Sen2Cor v2.4.0 and Sen2Cor v2.5.5.

Hii ,
I tried to process level 1c image using standalone 2.5.5 version of sen2cor but i am not getting the output file

Hi @Sanaya,

are you running sen2cor from SNAP or from command line? Are you getting any error?