The problem is about atmospheric correction

Dear sir,
I used SNAP to do atmospheric correction, but when I chicked the SEN2COR button and selected the imaging, an error like “It seems there was en error on execution or the defined tool output error pattern was found. Please consult the SNAP log file” coming.

so did you consult the log file?

Come on, this forum is full of answers and also people who have similar problems.
We can’t help you if you don’t provide any information about your data, your system, the sen2cor configuration (most importantly), the content of the log file…

For the last issue you have opened you did not even answer:

I run Anaconda Prompt, and input L2A_ Process, then this picture coming. It seems that “No module named glymur”.
My system is Win7_64.
Thanks in advance

do you use the latest installation of sen2cor? It was released last week.

If not, please uninstall sen2cor and install the latest version afterwards.

If you already use it - here are some solutions of other users:

I uninstalled all software about SNAP, then reinstalled them, but the problems like this

Please how can i fix it, please tell me, help me.
Thanks in advance.

did you open the command prompt with administrator privilleges when installing sen2cor?

I am developing the wrapped phase and I get the following error “it seems there was an error on execution or the defined tool output error pattern was found. Please…”
Why will this happen in snaphu?