Thermal noise removal does not assign the value 1000 on the borders

Dear all,
Until the version 2.0.2 of the s1tbx, the operation of thermal noise removal put the value 1000 on the borders. Starting with version 3.0 (only in linux) and now with v4.0 (both in linux and windows) this process has been changed, that is, it does not assign a distinct value (like 1000) on the borders. Is it an erroneous behavior of the algorithm or has something changed in the operation?
Thanks in advance.

It should be correct now in v4

You mean that in version 4, the algorithm puts the value 1000 on the borders as it was in version 2.0.2, or that the expected behavior now is to not see at all this -out of the context- value. From the tests I did I can say that the former does not hold, i.e. no value (1000) at the borders.