Thermal Noise Removal output


It is very interesting the correction of noise performed by Thermal Noise Removal but…why the output is only of intensities? Because…doing it, we loose real and phase data… Its a shame? Is it possible to obtain the real phase data after applying this technique?

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I saw this old post on the forum, so it´s ok! To whoever who is wondering the same, here is the answer:


For what type of measurement would you want complex phase (if that were possible) to be removed?

The main impact of thermal noise is, I would have thought, for (i) the calculation of the radar cross-section of distributed targets just above the noise level and (ii) loss of coherence for regions close to the noise floor in InSAR. For (i) this only requires the intensity of a distributed target (whether this is from GRD or SLC product types) and hence only needs the intensity of the noise. For (ii) removing any noise would not improve the coherence or the resultant InSAR fringes.


Hi Peter,

You are totally right. I ve been making some tests and also understing the radiometric specifications. Now I think I totally understood it.

I am using the measurements for polarimetric classification purposes. So, now I know that this “correction” if for targets just above the noise level. So, it doesn´t matter for my objectives.

Thank you very much for your such clear and educative answers,