ThermalNoise error snappy

For some compatibility matter, I am still using SNAP 6.0 to exploit the snappy module in python.
I need to work only on a subset of a GRD IW product so I implement a subsetting operation before the preprocessing steps. Everything seems to work fine even after the Apply Orbit operation. But the ThermalNoiselRemoval step gives my a Java Null Point Exception Error. If I tried the same steps over the whole GRD product and I extract the subset at the end of all the preprocessing steps , the processing is all successfull. Which is the reason?? from the desktop SNAP I can preprocess directly the subset, without going into it with the whole heavy product.

Thanks for your help (maybe @marpet @ABraun @mengdahl @lveci have ideas :wink: )

Sorry, I’ve no idea.

Probably there is no more information about the ‘Java Null Point Exception Error’? For example, at which line this happens?

I have tried it again this morning, and it is properly working, so I guess there was some memory issue in that moment when I did it on Friday. Actually there was no other reason to have such an error. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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