Thresholding with Sentine-1 Toolbox


Is the Otsu Thresholding or a manual thresholding implemented inside Sentinel-1 Toolbox (for radiometrically calibrated products)?

I know that a thresholding is included inside the Change Detection and the Oil Spill Detection/Clustering operators, but I’m wondering if there is a Thresholding function that can be used on its own?


Thresholding is not implemented as a separate operator, but you may still use the Band Math tool for such analysis.

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Are there any tools at present, that could help the implementation of a thresholding methods ?

Are you looking to implement your own and you’re looking for examples? If so, you can find some in the ship detection adaptive-thresholding and oil-spill clustering and change-detection operators.

If you want to use operators for general purpose thresholding look at creating expressions with Band Maths.

I’m looking for adaptive thresholding, examples would really help in implementing my own.

have you seen these references? How to determine appropriate threshold for flood detection (Sentinel 1)

Yes I have read those references, I want to know if i can find the global minimum for the histogram using tools from snap.

I have read this Histogram - automatically calculated value for band math
And my question is whether I can save the pixel values of a vector file into a csv file.

it is not implemented as a tool, maybe someone has an idea for a workaround