TIFF Reader

Hello everybody

I have a really simple c++ programm (based on libtiff lib) allowig me to write tiled tiff images.
I wrote a 512x512 image and I can open it well in ImageJ. Nevertheless I can open it with SNAP : the error data out of range pops up.
I’m pretty sure that the geotiff module can open tile tiff and tiled bigtiff. So i’m wondering if I have to write a specific header in my tiff file to make readable by SNAP?
Thank you for your help

Hi paoc,

no special header is needed.
Do you like to share one of the tiff files?
Then I could have a look at.

I find out why it was not working. Setting the resolution in the TIFF header was making some troubles. I delete this parameter and now it works well with tiled tiff. Thank you for your help marpet!

Double check the spacial referencing of the tif as well as the bands inside.

If the band is not at the location of the tif it will not display correctly.

Could be that your EPSG is conflicting with the reader as well.