"Tile Evenly" does not link the images

I am following a tutorial that uses SNAP to process Sentinel-1 radar images. The instructor routinely displays two images side by side using the ‘Tile Evenly’ feature. However, the instructor’s images are geographically linked such that same area in both images is shown and zooming or panning on one image causes the same affect in the other image. I can display the images as well but they are not linked and zooming and panning are independent for each image. How do I configure SNAP so that my Tile Evenly images are linked?

Thank you.


I have figured it out - I have spent nearly two days trying to sort this and as usual I solve my problem 10 minutes after posting to the forum. Under the ‘View’ menu, there is an option to ‘Synchronize Image Views.’ This option needs to be checked.

Seems like an option that should be available in the same menu as ‘Tile Evenly’ i.e., the ‘Window’ menu. But that is just me.


I’m sorry to hear that you need to search for this option for so long. For us, it was natural to put it in the navigation window, but you’re right it would also fit in the window menu next to the tiling options.

Ok, well it wasn’t two WHOLE days :). I kept looking under Options and a few other places. I guess the ‘View’ menu should have stood out to me, but it did not at first. Anyway, seemed to me to be an unintuitive place for this option. But overall your software is pretty great. Thanks for your attention. :+1:

Thanks a lot for the solving! I was looking for the answer as well