TileCache sometimes provides zeros to one of the next operators

@marpet Using rule #3 from your TileCache document: “Add the TileCacheOp after operators if their output is used by at least two subsequent operators” I ended up with zeros for slice 3 and usually in IW2. This appeared to occur randomly for up to 30% of the executions of the graph (ie. not repeatable). I was running SNAP 8.0.9 on CentOS 7, on a 72 core machine, and providing 3 slices to ProductSetReader. Removing TileCache from the graph eliminated the issue.

Thanks for the report.
Unfortunately, I have no solution for this at the moment, but this is something we need to keep in mind.
A new ticket is created: [SNAP-1513] Usage of TileCacheOp leads to wrong results