Tiles too small or overlap too large for given input

I’m trying to create a DEM from Sentinel 1 and, after the exportation to snaphu(Radar>Interferometric>Unwrapping>Snaphu Export), I’ve tried to go to the next step following this guide.
Then I’ve copy and pasted the row of snaphu.conf into a Linux terminal(I use Ubuntu 18.04) but it’s shown me the error in object. How I can resolve?

I’ve used two SLC products of the same track.

If the tile size is too small, you need to reduce the number of tile lines and rows, for example to 5. Make sure you select a different output folder for the export and run again.


I’ve followed your suggestions and I’ve putted rows and columns at 5 but the message isn’t changed:

snaphu v1.4.2
27 parameters input from file snaphu.conf (84 lines total)
tiles too small or overlap too large for given input

This is what the source code says about the error:

f(params->ntilerow+params->rowovrlp > nlines   
       || params->ntilecol+params->colovrlp > linelen  
       || params->ntilerow*params->ntilerow > nlines  
       || params->ntilecol*params->ntilecol > linelen){  
      fprintf(sp0,"tiles too small or overlap too large for given input\n");  

As the overlap is already 0, that doesn’t make much sense. How large is your exported raster in total?
Can you please upload snaphu.conf?

I’m apologize with you. Now I’ve seen that I’ve copied partially the row in snaphu.conf. The row is this:

snaphu -f snaphu.conf Phase_ifg_srd_VV_19Feb2019_25Feb2019.snaphu.img 22997

I’ve copied only this part

snaphu -f snaphu.conf Phase_ifg_srd_VV_19Feb2019_25Feb2019.snaphu.img 2

This is the reason of the error. Now I’m wainting the end of the process.

ah, I see. So snaphu thinks the image is only two lines large which would cause errors regarding the tile size. Good to see that it works now.