Time Series Generation of velocity using Different Masters


I want to generate time-series of SAR velocity. My generate image pairs have different masters like 1-2,2-3,3-4… so on. Any suggestion on how can I do this in snap?


velocity of what? :slight_smile: Makes a big difference when it comes to the selection of suitable techniques.

glacier velocity derived.

for this case, the offset tracking module is probably a good start. You enter two images and define window sizes and the tool computes velocities based on intensity shifts.

Here is an example on how to do this:

Referring to your question, you generate offset maps for AB, AC, AD… (or maybe AB,BC, CD…) and then calculate the average velocity based on the temporal gap between both images.

Note that using data from the same track/path is advisable.

I already generated the velocity using offset tracking and also did the RTC correction. As I used different masters is it fine to create stack of the images after RTC and then calculate mean of them. Thanks

Hi ABraun,

I am waiting for your suggestion, kindly tell me is it fine to do that way I mentioned in my previous message.


if the images are all taken from the same track and incidence angle I see no problem in stacking the terrain-corrected images.

Thanks for your response. Now I will do like these : different masters images I generated AB,BC,CD,DE> make stack>stack averaging to calculate the mean.

one more question how could I plot of the time-series of specific area or pixels I select after stack the image?

you can set pins there and use the time-series tool.