Time series plot for points in 100m radius around the selected point

Hello there,

I am running the ts command in Matlab, which is shown as follows:
ps_plot(‘v-dao’, ‘a_linear’,‘ts’)
Deramping computed on the fly.
**** z = ax + by+ c
1 ref PS selected
Color Range: -43.7648 to 24.9226 mm/yr
Please select a point on the figure to plot time series (TS)
Selected point coordinates (lon,lat):148.9953, -33.5041

The plotted result was strange. The velocity of associated points doesn’t follow a linear pattern.

Any ideas of how to fix this? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

This is not a technical error, but results from the data quality. It can have several reasons:

  • the points you selected in the 100 m radius have different displacement patterns
  • there is too much noise in your data

If you click on areas with denser PS distributions the temporal graph will have a more linear shape.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Really appreciated. I will see how it goes based on the two points you have given.